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  • Cleanert MAS (Multi-function Impurity Adsorption SPE)

    Cleanert MAS is a simplified bio-sample preparation tool which offers multifunctional adsorption capabilities to remove interferences while the analytes are remained in the aqueous phase. Although protein precipitation is the most common method in bioanalysis, it is the fact that this method is not efficient for eliminating the matrix effect on LCMS/MS due to the present of phospholipids. However w

  • Venusil AQ C18

    The Venusil AQ C18 column is designed for the separation of polar, medium-polar and non-polar compounds from low to medium pH. This column is more polar than XBP C18, but less polar than ASB C18. With a special surface treatment, Venusil AQ C18 is made to be compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.


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