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Water Analysis

  • Venusil AQ C18

    The Venusil AQ C18 column is designed for the separation of polar, medium-polar and non-polar compounds from low to medium pH. This column is more polar than XBP C18, but less polar than ASB C18. With a special surface treatment, Venusil AQ C18 is made to be compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.

  • Unisol Technology and Column Products

    Bonna-Agela's unique sol-gel process technology generates an uniform surface that produces an universal column applicable to several kinds of HPLC applications.

  • Cleanert PEP

    Cleanert PEP is made of polydivinylbenzene on which the surface is functionalized with vinyl pyrrolidone. The material has a balanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic property and can be used in the entire pH range of 1-14.

  • Cleanert ACA

    Cleanert ACA use coconut charcoal material to concentrate polar substances in water sample, such as acrylamide which could not been adsorbed by C18 or other RP phase material. It could be used in EPA 521 and EPA 522.


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