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Our websites users include: Registered User, Non-Registered User and Distributor User

Non-registered user is permitted to access products, applications, news, marketing activities and public information.

Registered user is permitted to access the public information and download the application essays, electronic manuals and other materials.

Distributor is authorized by Bonna-Agela and listed in our website. As a distributor, he can browse the public information and download. 

Product Instruction

All the products sold in our website are produced by Bonna-Agela, ranging from laboratory chromatography equipment to supplies. Including but not limited to: Cleanert SPE column and media, HPLC column (analytical column, preparative column, chiral column) and media, Claricep TM Flash column and media, DA GC column, Clarinert filtration products, CHEETAH Integrated MP/HP Flash Purification system, FLEXATM Modular Purification system, Automatic solid-phase extraction workstation, Automatic SLE workstation, etc. 

Orderring Instruction

Order online is currently valid for the clients located in mainland china only. Overseas clients are welcomed to submit your purchasing order, we will contact you soon.

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