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Seminars Successfully Held in UTM, Johor, Malaysia

On Jul 19th and 20th 2017, with the great support from Inno lab as exclusive distributor in Malaysia, Bonna-Agela has successfully held 2 technical seminars in the University Teknologi Malaysia in Johor, Malaysia.

Agela introduced total solutions including sample preparation, analysis also purification by combined our product of SPE, HPLC and Flash chromatography consumables also instruments. It was welcomed by the professors and researchers as it was helpful to resolve the difficulties and challenges they are facing during their research. The attendees were generally form Chemical engineering Dept, Biotech Dept, nature product Dept, and sample preparation was a very important part but not been used a lot before, SPE was one of the most important method before HPLC also MS detection, it was effectively reduced the contamination to the column also the instrument, make the method Robust.

Agela is focusing on sample preparation field for years, and clear about that the market is changing and we always focusing on quality, innovation and service which is most needed from scientists.

Technique Seminar in University was one of the most responsive and interactive way to communicate with the scientists and we would like to thank our many loyal customers for your continuous support and trust and expecting meet you in our next journey.


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