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How Much Separation for LC-MS/MS Quantitative Bioanalysis?

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How Much Separation for LC-MS/MS Quantitative Bioanalysis?

Wed, Oct 4, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

LC–MS/MS has been the dominant analytical technology for quantitative bioanalysis for more than two decades. Despite this, a very fundamental question like how much separation is required for LC–MS/MS quantitative bioanalysis has not been adequately addressed. Some think that no or only very limited separation is necessary thanks to the unparalleled selectivity offered by tandem mass spectrometry. Others think that the more separation, the better, because of the potential detrimental impact of matrix effect. Still others just use a rule-of-thumb approach by keeping the adjusted retention/capacity factor always between 2 and 5. The purpose of this presentation is to address this fundamental question through rational thinking together with various real case examples.

Key Learning Objectives:

• How to determine adequate separation to maximize method performance (accuracy, robustness, throughput, and cost-effectiveness)?

• What are the potential issues with quantitative bioanalysis?

• Why can uHPLC or UPLC be a double-edged sword for quantitative Bioanalysis?


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