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Bonded Silica SPE

  • Cleanert AQ C18

    AQ C18 series using a polar chemical group to modify the spherical C18 surface and enhance the retention for polar substance.

  • Cleanert S C18 (End-capped)

    Cleanert S C18 columns and plates are packed with octadecylsilane bonded silica sorbents. The sorbent is double end-capped and has a high bonding density (%C > 17).

  • Cleanert S C18-N (Non-end-capped)

    Cleanert S C18-N is a type of C18 sorbent bonded to silica without end-capping modification, providing extra silanol residuals around the root of alkyl chain on silica surface.

  • Cleanert S C8 (Octyl)

    Cleanert S C8 is successfully used for the extraction of both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins from serum, as well as the desalting of biological macromolecules.

  • Cleanert CN (Cyanopropyl)

    Cleanert CN(Cyano) SPE is silica based sorbent bonded with cyanopropyl functional groups. This polar sorbent exhibits both polar and non-polar interactions.

  • Cleanert NH2 (Aminopropyl)

    Cleanert NH2 products are silica based sorbent bonded with aminopropyl funtional group. This sorbent can be used in either normal phase or reversed phase mode.

  • Cleanert PSA {(N-aminoethyl) Aminopropyl}

    Cleanert PSA SPE is similar to Cleanert NH2. It has two amino groups with pKa = 10.1 and 10.9, respectively. This sorbent is an anion exchanger slightly stronger than Cleanert NH2.

  • Cleanert SAX (Strong Anion Exchanger)

    Cleanert® SAX SPE products are packed with silica based sorbent bonded with a quaternary amine.

  • Cleanert COOH (Weak Cation Exchanger)

    Cleanert COOH SPE products consist of a propyl carboxylic acid on the inner silica surface.

  • Cleanert PRS (Propane Sulfonic Acid)

    Cleanert PRS SPE sorbent is a silica gel based strong cation exchanger.

  • Cleanert SCX (Strong Cation Exchanger)

    Cleanert SCX sorbent is a strong cation exchanger based on silica gel, with benzene sulfonic acid.

  • Cleanert Silica

    Cleanert Silica use unbonded, activated irregular silica as sorbent.

  • Cleanert Diol

    Cleanert Diol is a silica based material bonded with dihydroxy chemical group. It is used to extract polar analytes from non-polar solutions.


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