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  • Cleanert PAE and DEHP

    Bonna-Aglea provides Cleanert PAE and DEHP to analyze phthalates in different matrices including food containing fats and oil, and aqueous samples.

  • Cleanert TPT

    Cleanert TPT constitutes three type of materials, which employ different mechanisms to get rid of the interferences such as colorants, organic acids, polyphenols as well as nonpolar matrix.

  • Cleanert TPH

    Cleanert TPH is mainly used for extraction and detection of pesticides from Chinese Herb Medicines such as Ramulus Mori, Honeysuckle and the Fruit of Chinese Wolfberry. It can reduce effectively the interference without adsorbing any pesticide residues.

  • Cleanert BAP

    Cleanert BAP is a chromatographic column pre-packed with Alumina material aiming to separate benzopyrene and triglyceride in oil.

  • Cleanert PA

    Cleanert PA Polyamide cartridge is designed to be used for food coloring detection in different matrix, such as food and wine.

  • Cleanert SUL-5

    Cleanert SUL-5 (specific columns for sulfonamides) is specially designed for the extraction of five sulfonamides (SM2,SMM,SMZ,SDM.SQ) in pork.

  • Cleanert DNPH-Silica

    Cleanert DNPH-Silica prepared by acidified dinitrophenylhydrazine reagent coated on silica is used for collection of air samples.

  • Cleanert EPH

    Cleanert EPH uses a special silica material to separate aliphatic hydrocarbon from aromatics in environmental samples.

  • Cleanert ACA

    Cleanert ACA use coconut charcoal material to concentrate polar substances in water sample, such as acrylamide which could not been adsorbed by C18 or other RP phase material. It could be used in EPA 521 and EPA 522.

  • Cleanert SLE-OD

    Bonna-Agela provide commercial diatomaceous column which mentioned in EN 14362-1:2012(E), and 22 kinds of aromatic amine could be detected in textile samples.

  • Cleanert LDC

    Cleanert LDC is a specially designed disk format with a much larger cross-section area to allow a large flow rate through the column, which is mostly useful to concentrate trace pollutants from a large volume of aqueous samples.

  • Cleanert LRC

    Cleanert LRC is designed to load more solvent in SPE process, specially for applications using a small amount of sorbents but a large volume of eluents.

  • Cleanert SPE in Glass Tubes

    Cleanert glass column series can avoid the residue interference from the plastic tubes and are recommended to be used for trace analysis of food and environmental samples.


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