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Well Plate

96-well plate is the product for high throughput applications. Each well contains a small amount of sorbents (10-100 mg) with max. Total volume per well is 1mL & 2 mL . With the main applications in the cleanup of multi-sample in the area of bio-analysis and clinical analysis, it is compatible with the automated sample handing work station for high throughput operation.

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  • Cleanert Micro Plate

    96-well micro plate can be packed with less sorbent, which allows to load a small amount of sample and elution solvent. The 96-well microplates with a special detachable design, each; loose cartridges use an internally tapered well design and make sure enough sorbent bed. Even limit packing material is embedded into each well, no breakthrough will happen. Each cartridge can be removed from the base plate, and different sorbents can be assembled in one base plate which is suitable for method development.

  • Cleanert PPT- Protein Precipitation Plate

    Protein precipitation is often used as a fast sample preparation method in bioanalysis. Protein denaturation with acetonitrile in a centrifuge tube is the most used method which is laborious, time consuming, and also not compatible to automatic instruments. Cleanert PPT plates were designed for high throughput and automated protein precipitation processing.

  • Cleanert FAST—Filtration Plate Series

    Bonna-Agela filtration plates provide simple sample preparation of plasma, serum and other biological fluids. Optimized membrane and frit avoid clogging and bringing in extra disturbing compounds. High throughput filtration plate method can replace manual operation, and achieve a more efficient results.

  • Cleanert MAS (Multi-function Impurity Adsorption SPE)

    Cleanert MAS is a simplified bio-sample preparation tool which offers multifunctional adsorption capabilities to remove interferences while the analytes are remained in the aqueous phase. Although protein precipitation is the most common method in bioanalysis, it is the fact that this method is not efficient for eliminating the matrix effect on LCMS/MS due to the present of phospholipids. However with Cleanert MAS the phospholipids are effectively removed follows a similar procedures.


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