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Purification Products

● Normal-phase materials, such as regular silica, deactivated silica and NH2 etc. ● Reversed-phase materials, such as C4、C8、C18 etc. ● HILIC hydrophilic material ● Aluminum( neutral/ acid/ basic) ● Ion exchange resin

  • Claricep Spherical Flash Columns

    ClaricepTM spherical 20 μm Silica series provide higher resolution and purification performance compared with most of the commercial Flash column in the market. Also the 20-35 μm series which has low back pressure enables faster flow rate and viscous solvents.

  • Claricep Screw-on Flash Columns

    The ClaricepTM series is a new design of flash columns from Bonna- Agela. Besides performance and diversity of chemistry we committed to, the new formats emphasize simplicity of use, convenience of sample loading and adaptability of tubing connectivity across different platforms.

  • Claricep Bulk Media Ordering Information

    Bonna-Agela has developed several Claricep Spherical columns, including irregular Silica,high efficiency spherical silica series, bonded phase series and alumina series.

  • Glass Columns

    The glass chromatography columns manufactured by Bonna-Agela Technologies are in an enhanced format of column housing. A complete line of high quality sorbents provides unique or better separation performance to meet customers’ needs. The unique CM silica and HILIC bonded silica extend the application of normal phase to the separation of very polar compounds.

  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

    Bonna-Agela carries a full line of thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates with a variety of chemistries. They are flexible or glass backed for easy use. When matching with Claricep flash cartridges, the TLC plates serve as a tool for reaction monitoring and method development based on Rf values for flash chromatography.

  • Quick Work-up Cartridges

    They are specially designed to replace the conventional aqueous work up procedure such as liquid-liquid extraction as a part of organic synthesis and purification. They are used as a filter-through method to quickly work up reaction mixtures or purification.


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