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With Challenging demands of scientist working in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Food Safety, Environmental, Forensic & Academics Bonna-Agela offers broad range of stationary phase chemistries to help customer to carry out rapid analysis, LC-MS Analysis, Working through Extreme pH conditions & Extended Temperatures. Bonna-Agela HPLC Columns are manufactured by R&D Scientist with Innovative Approach of playing with different ligands chemistries.

  • Unisol Technology and Column Products

    Bonna-Agela's unique sol-gel process technology generates an uniform surface that produces an universal column applicable to several kinds of HPLC applications.

  • Venusil C18 Plus

    The Venusil® C18 Plus column was engineered to provide enhanced retention for nonpolar and medium polar compounds. This column has a perfect balanced surface area and pore size also the chemical bonding technology, which provide robust performance and universal usage throughout pH 1.5-9.0.

  • Venusil AQ C18

    The Venusil AQ C18 column is designed for the separation of polar, medium-polar and non-polar compounds from low to medium pH. This column is more polar than XBP C18, but less polar than ASB C18. With a special surface treatment, Venusil® AQ C18 is made to be compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.

  • Venusil HILIC

    Venusil HILIC stationary phase is made from ultra pure spherical silica particles bonded with a neutral hydrophilic amide group. It can be used as normal phase, reversed phase or hydrophilic interaction HPLC.

  • Durashell C18-AM

    sed on a new generation of silica and bonding technologies, Bonna-Agela technologies has developed new Durashell C18-AM columns. Firstly, silica gel made by inert processing techniques can be kept stable in alkaline mobile phase,significantly improving column lifetime compared with conventional silica; Secondly, the strong ability to identify stereoisomeric compounds, applicable to separation of structurally similar compounds, especially for analysis of a variety of impurities simultaneously in drug.

  • Venusil HLP C18

    Venusil HLP C18 column is a kind of reversed-phase column based on Bonna-Agela's amide embedded technology. The stationary phase is made from ultra pure spherical silica particles bonded with alkyl chain molecules and embedded amide polar group which literally capped the silica's residual silanols to prevent their interaction with highly basic compounds.

  • Venusil XBP Polar – Phenyl

    In reversed phase stationary phase carbon chain embedded polar group, raised the strong polarity and the strong basic compound selective. Polar groups blocked silicon alcohol group which greatly improved the peak shape.

  • Innoval AQ C18

    The Innoval AQ C18 is made by Bonna-Agela's patented Unisol Technology. This packing demonstrated unprecedented separation performance for compounds with a wide range of properties from hydrophilic to hydrophobic: polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds.

  • Venusil PAH

    Venusil PAH column is a polymerically bonded C18 column. It is recommended for the separation of PAHs and steric isomers of the aromatic compounds. PAHs are considered as priority pollutants and the analysis of these potentially carcinogenic compounds in water, soil and food is of major importance.

  • Venusil PFP---USP L43

    Venusil PFP (Pentafluorophenyl) columns deliver the performance of Venusil® columns by providing excellent peak shape while also offering alternative selectivity of reversed phase chromatography compared to alkyl chain phases.


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