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Optimix Family of HPLC Columns

Conventional silica based HPLC stationary phases are usually bonded with mono-type alkyl chain molecules, e.g., C18,C8, etc. Recent studies have revealed that synergistic effects can be obtained when the bonded surface consists of C18 mixed with a shorter chain such as C8, amide or nitro-phenyl, etc. These new products offer different selectivity,coordinating multi-functionality, as well as a spacer effect (C18/C8).

  • Optimix C18/C8

    Improved performance from a mixed-phase C18/C8 (1:1) column compared to mono-chain C18 or C8 columns

  • Optimix C18/Amide

    A mixed-phase of C18 and propionic amide provides unique selectivity which allows extremely polar and non-polar compounds to be analyzed in a single run under isocratic conditions.

  • Optimix C18/SCX

    Mix-phase of SCX and C18,balanced retention for polar (basic) and non-polar; very useful for analysis of multi-components, unique selectivity, LC-MS compatible.


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