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Claricep Screw-on Flash Columns

The ClaricepTM series is a new design of flash columns from Bonna- Agela. Besides performance and diversity of chemistry we committed to, the new formats emphasize simplicity of use, convenience of sample loading and adaptability of tubing connectivity across different platforms.

  • Claricep i-Series

    The i-Series features a managed column head space with a secured screw-on lid. This design allows either loading of liquid sample directly onto column head or loading of impregnated solid sample into the space.

  • Claricep s-Series

    The s-Series columns are fully packed without a head void. But the Luer lock fittings for both inlet and outlet allow easy operation of tandem columns or coupling of loading cartridge. Refer page 55 for the guide to use "Prepacked Solid Load Cartridges".

  • Claricep c-Series

    The c-Series share the same design, but the column outlet does not have a luer lock structure, which simplifies tubing connection across different flash system of other vendors.


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