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SPE Products

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is one of the most used techniques in sample preparation. It is replacing the conventional time-consuming liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method. The process of SPE is a miniature version of liquid column chromatography. SPE, utilizing the same type of stationary phases as used in liquid chromatography columns, are practiced in different mechanisms including normal phase, reversed phase, ion-exchange, affinity chromatography and mixed-mode in the fields of agricultural and food, bio-analytical, environmental and forensic applications. Bonna-Agela as a leader of chromatographic media products offers a variety of polymer and silica based SPE products.

  • Polymer SPE

    Bonna-Agela SPE products have been developed based on a thorough understanding of interactive natures of chemical molecules. Our SPE products thus can better meet customer’s needs. Our R&D results demonstrated that the adsorption/desorption property of the polymeric SPE materials are regulated by the types of the functional groups and the degree of substitution of the surface modification. In general, modification with electron donor groups will help to retain the electron-deficient molecules, while modification with electron-withdrawing groups will prefer to retain the electron-rich molecules. Different SPE materials have been developed by incorporating proper types of functional groups and the degree of substitutions on the surface, and thus providing optimized and balanced performance for all types of molecules.

  • Well Plate

    96-well plate is the product for high throughput applications. Each well contains a small amount of sorbents (10-100 mg) with max. Total volume per well is 1mL & 2 mL . With the main applications in the cleanup of multi-sample in the area of bio-analysis and clinical analysis, it is compatible with the automated sample handing work station for high throughput operation.

  • Cleanert® MAS-Q

    QuEChERS means "Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe", which was first introduced by USDA and scientists in 2003. The procedure of QuEChERS extraction simplified the cleanup for pesticide residues analysis. It uses minimal amount of solvent along with extraction salts to extract the analytes into organic phase for cleanup then followed by dispersive solid phase extraction. Due to the high flexibility of the procedure, sample after treated can be directly introduced to determinative device such as LC-MS/MS or GC/MS. It has become increasingly popular in the area of multi-residue pesticide analysis in food and agricultural products.

  • Cleanert® SLE Products

    Cleanert® SLE (Supported Liquid Extraction) plates and cartridges contain a high quality modified diatomaceous earth with an ideal surface with large specific area and low activity. Cleanert® SLE plates and cartridges are used to extract analytes from bio-analytical, clinical, forensic, environmental and agrochemical samples, it even can replace most of the Liquid/Liquid extraction (LLE).

  • Cleanert® lC

    Cleanert® IC series are used for removing matrix interferences such as phenolics, metalions, cations, anions, or hydrophobic substances encountered in many ion chromatography applications.


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