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Bonded Silica SPE

  • Cleanert AQ C18

    AQ C18 series using a polar chemical group to modify the spherical C18 surface and enhance the retention for polar substance. The bonded chemical group also make RP surface more hydrophilic, and provide good recovery for both polar and non-polar compounds, especially for water samples.

  • Cleanert S C18 (End-capped)

    Cleanert S C18 columns and plates are packed with octadecylsilane bonded silica sorbents. The sorbent is double end-capped and has a high bonding density (%C > 17).

  • Cleanert S C18-N (Non-end-capped)

    Cleanert S C18-N is a type of C18 sorbent bonded to silica without end-capping modification, providing extra silanol residuals around the root of alkyl chain on silica surface.

  • Cleanert S C8 (Octyl)

    Cleanert S C8 is successfully used for the extraction of both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins from serum, as well as the desalting of biological macromolecules.

  • Cleanert CN (Cyanopropyl)

    Cleanert CN(Cyano) SPE is silica based sorbent bonded with cyanopropyl functional groups. This polar sorbent exhibits both polar and non-polar interactions.

  • Cleanert NH2 (Aminopropyl)

    Cleanert NH2 products are silica based sorbent bonded with aminopropyl funtional group. This sorbent can be used in either normal phase or reversed phase mode.

  • Cleanert PSA {(N-aminoethyl) Aminopropyl}

    Cleanert PSA SPE is similar to Cleanert NH2. It has two amino groups with pKa = 10.1 and 10.9, respectively. This sorbent is an anion exchanger slightly stronger than Cleanert NH2.

  • Cleanert SAX (Strong Anion Exchanger)

    Cleanert® SAX SPE products are packed with silica based sorbent bonded with a quaternary amine.

  • Cleanert COOH (Weak Cation Exchanger)

    Cleanert COOH SPE products consist of a propyl carboxylic acid on the inner silica surface.

  • Cleanert PRS (Propane Sulfonic Acid)

    Cleanert PRS SPE sorbent is a silica gel based strong cation exchanger.

  • Cleanert SCX (Strong Cation Exchanger)

    Cleanert SCX sorbent is a strong cation exchanger based on silica gel, with benzene sulfonic acid.

  • Cleanert Silica

    Cleanert Silica use unbonded, activated irregular silica as sorbent.

  • Cleanert Diol

    Cleanert Diol is a silica based material bonded with dihydroxy chemical group. It is used to extract polar analytes from non-polar solutions.


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