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Bonshell® HPLC Columns----Shell Technology Solution for Faster Separations

Bonshell® Columns are made up of shell particle to carry out faster separations with low back pressures. Bonshell® has 0.5 μm porus shell covering solid core inside with diameter of 1.7 μm. With overall particle size of 2.7 μm. Bonshell® Columns are ideal to be used with both UPLC and Conventional HPLC Systems which enables the scientist to easily transfer their existing method from HPLC to UPLC & vice-versa without changing the expensive hardware in HPLC system. The scalability of Bonshell® Columns from conventional analytical dimensions to shorter dimensions and vice-versa makes it more special to use in the HPLC lab and for new method development it is ideal choice of the column which can easily work with both UPLC and HPLC to save the solvent cost, run time of the analysis & most importantly workable pressure range maximum up to 9000 psi making it best choice for the analytical separations in every real sense. The cost of coreshell technology products are lesser than sub 2 μm columns and in API & Formulation Analytical. However, the lifetime cannot be compared with regular longer length columns. We can conclude in nutshell Bonshell® Columns are excellent tool for method development studies and shortening the overall analysis time with any commonly available HPLC System with less cost and optimal pressure with excellent peak shapes & resolution between the compounds.

  • Bonshell ASB C18

    This C18 column has protective butyl side chains to enhance peak shape and separation of basic compounds under neutral and acidic conditions.

  • Bonshell C18

    This C18 column offers the hydrophobic retention and methylene selectivity chromatographers expected from a C18 column.


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