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Claricep Spherical Flash Columns

ClaricepTM spherical 20 μm Silica series provide higher resolution and purification performance compared with most of the commercial Flash column in the market. Also the 20-35 μm series which has low back pressure enables faster flow rate and viscous solvents.

  • Claricep Spherical C18 Columns

    The media is chemically bonded with nonpolar alky chains such C4, C8 or C18 groups. The term reversed-phase describes the separation mode that just the opposite of the normal phase chromatography. In reversed-phase mode, non-polar or hydrophobic compounds are strongly retained, and polar samples are weakly retained, moving faster through the packing bed. The use of reversed-phase media for purification is becoming more popular because of its high reproducibility and broad applicability. A blend of water and miscible polar organic solvents such as acetonitrile or methanol is used as mobile phase to ensure the proper interaction of analytes with the non-polar alky packing surface. C18 or octadecyl silane (ODS) is the most popular type of reversed-phase packing. It applies to the separation of many compounds.

  • Claricep Spherical AQ C18 Columns

    Following the success of Bonna-Agela's Unisol C18 HPLC columns, we now introduce a hydrophilic reversed phase C18 for the flash chromatography applications, which offers unprecedented separation performance for compounds of a wide range of properties from hydrophilic to hydrophobic: polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds.

  • 028Claricep HILIC Columns

    We are now introducing HILIC phases for flash chromatography applications. Bonna-Agela's HILIC columns are compatible with polar and aqueous solvents, such as methanol, acetonitrile and water, which allow much easier solvent handling than conventional normal phase separations. It becomes possible to separate and elute polar compounds that are strongly retained in the regular normal-phase mode or weakly retained in the reversed-phase mode. Moreover, these HILIC packed columns can be reused.

  • Claricep Spherical HLP Columns

    ClaricepTM HLP column using a synergistic reaction of –Amide,-OH and -R, and shows different selectivity. Greatly improved peak shape for basic compounds, and enhanced retention and separation ability of polar compounds and steric isomers. This material shows much better loading capacity for polar compounds for preparative applications compare with traditional C18 material.


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