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UHPLC Technology and Columns

Chromatography separation technology has been revolutionized by Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) System. Sub-2 μm particles make UPLC analysis more quickly, and more sensitive than traditional liquid chromatography. Since 2014, Bonna-Agela has launched our UHPLC series columns and provided different kinds of bonding chemistry on several modified silica particles surface. Bonna-Aglea UHPLC columns are packed with 1.9 μm particles based on ultra pure silica prepared by aggregation of silica sols. This kind of silica has narrow size distribution and no dead pores whose pore size is smaller than 2nm. Bonna-Agela UHPLC family includes UHP AQ C18; UHP ASB C18, UHP Innovol C18 and UHP HILIC. UHP AQ C18 is based on new spherical silica with high purity, with double layer surface modification technology, which reduces the interactions between polar analytes and silica surface significantly and subsequently symmetry for very basic compounds is maximized. UHP ASB C18 is bonded with unique bulky silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. UHP Innoval C18 is end-capped twice to ensure an inert stationary phase. The UHPLC material is packed in newly designed column housings with extremely low void volume, which tolerate back pressure up to more than1000 bar or 15000 psi.

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