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SPE Products

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is one of the most used techniques in sample preparation. It is replacing the conventional time-consuming liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method. The process of SPE is a miniature version of liquid column chromatography. SPE, utilizing the same type of stationary phases as used in liquid chromatography columns, are practiced in different mechanisms including normal phase, reversed phase, ion-exchange, affinity chromatography and mixed-mode in the fields of agricultural and food, bio-analytical, environmental and forensic applications. Bonna-Agela as a leader of chromatographic media products offers a variety of polymer and silica based SPE products.

Product Name Product No. Quantity
Silica SPE column 100mg/1mL;100/Pk SI1001
Silica SPE column 500mg/3mL;50/Pk SI5003
Silica SPE column 500mg/6mL;30/Pk SI5006
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