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HPLC Products

Bonna-Agela HPLC columns cover a broad field of chemistry to meet nowadays challenging needs of rapid HPLC analysis, LC-MS application, separation in extreme pH conditions as well as conventional applications in pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries. Our HPLC columns are manufactured with innovative technologies in both media manufacturing and column packing steps for unique selectivity and unsurpassed reproducibility. Bonna-Agela HPLC columns are classified into Unisol series; Durashell Series; Venusil® XBP series; Venusil® ASB; Bonshell® series; Innoval series; Optimix series...

Product Name Product No. Quantity
Venusil CJ Guard Cartridge 4.6*10mm;5μm;1000A;4/pk VCJ950105-0
Venusil CJ 4.6*150mm;5μm;1000A VCJ951505-0
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