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Durashell Technology and Column

Bonna-Agela's Durashell series columns could be used under a wide pH range from 1.5 to 12.0. Durashell series columns have a hybrid technology stationary phase surface, followed by molecular modifications. The patented hybrid technology provides a strong hydrophobic protective layer on the silica surface, allowing the columns to be used at extremely high and low pH. It also reduces excessive hydrophobic interactions between the stationary phase and the analytes by reducing the bonding density, and yet maintains great interfacial kinetics for high efficiency. The stationary phases include C18(L), RP, C8 and NH2. Durashell C18(L) gives a good performance by decreasing the surface area to achieve the balance of the separation ability and the lifetime. Durashell RP column is the first-generation product designed for applications in a wide pH range from 1.5 to 11.0. A strong hydrophobic protective layer can be covered on the silica gel surface, which effectively prevents the destruction of the alkaline solution onto the silica. By using multi-functional bonding techniques, it shows better separation performance meanwhile.

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